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Elisa Peroni

Italy 2017

Dental, MD

This Dental-Humane experience made me face a different culture, another kind of life and way Of being, but all of us were there for the same reason: helping. I have met outstanding people which i really appreciated from the bottom Of my heart, they are students like me or young doctors or even professors full Of knowledge. We were a great team together, i want to say we "are" because i am sure we are taking more than a Little part of this Nepal we have enjoyed jointly in our everyday Life. Going back to Italy has been harder then ever, but i hope i will see you very soon so i keep smiling like the nepalese inhabitants that are able to give you everything from the nothing they have. I will be glad to come back again and as i told to the extraordinary Dr. Saru and Dr. Ajay, a piece of my heart will Always be with the children and the patients in the fields Of Nepal. Thank you