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If you want a truly high-quality overseas internship that goes off without a hitch, you need to travel with a specialist organization that has experience.

But you also need an organization that has strong hospital partnerships. Because if you want to get access to story-worthy clinical experiences, you need long-standing, in-person relationships with local hospitals. Like the ones we have.

On your first day on the wards, you’ll immediately see how familiar your in-country team is with everyone in your placement hospital. From staff on the wards right the way up to the hospital directors.


2021 - MedicalA big part of what you get when you go abroad for your internship with us is flexibility. You can choose the kinds of hospital you want to experience, the departments you want to spend time in, and the shift patterns you want to do.

Want to do nights in a teaching hospital? No problem. Want to spend a week in a tertiary referral centre? No problem. You can even choose how you split your time between the departments you choose - one week here, one week there.

You tell us the departments you want, and we guarantee you will get them. But that isn’t to say they’re fixed — you can change your mind even while you’re overseas and your in-country team will help move things around.

You get this kind of access only because we have unique partnerships with local hospitals. Not something that most elective providers can say.


You don’t get a one-size-fits-all internship abroad ike you might find elsewhere. Instead, your placement with us will be customized to you down to the last detail.

You won’t feel held back by an enforced placement structure — aside from staying within your scope of practice, your clinical opportunities will be limitless.

The experience will be totally different from a placement in a hospital at home. And you’ll get right up close to all the complex challenges local staff face when hospitals don’t have the funds they need to provide a high level of care.

Again, this is possible only because of the unique partnerships we have with local hospitals.


You get specifically-assigned supervisors for the duration of your placement, guaranteed.

Your supervisors will speak English and speak it well. So, even if you need to ask complex clinical questions, they’ll be able to give you detailed answers.

Your supervisors will be more senior members of staff in whichever department you’re in. They’re all highly qualified, and many of them have travelled to study abroad.

Long before you arrive, our in-country team will brief your supervisors and staff in your chosen departments.

They’ll learn all about your level of experience and where you’re at in terms of your education. So, when you get to the hospital you can hit the ground running without wasting any time.



We have long-standing relationships with all our partner hospitals and we’ve been liaising closely with them, as well as local health authorities, regarding any changes implemented in the hospitals where our placements are undertaken.

Every country differs slightly in their approach and there will be a continual assessment of all aspects of placement delivery, ensuring we adapt, advance and update you on what may be required at your time of travel.

Covid testing is available in all programme locations in which we operate. This includes local government hospitals as well as private medical facilities. Our dedicated supervisors working with you on placement will be following all hospital transmission-prevention protocols.



When we set up programs in the developing world, one of our goals is making sure our presence benefits the host country.

We're neither an NGO nor a charity, but we want our programs to work for everyone involved.

One of the ways we achieve this is by setting up partnerships with local hospitals. Everyone from individual department staff to hospital directors help these partnerships take shape.

Getting lots of perspectives means we can create relationships that result in positive outcomes for everyone involved.

So, what are the benefits for our partners?


KATHMANDU DESTINATION PAGE - clinical imageEvery public healthcare system needs more resources and equipment than it has. But many hospitals in the developing world lack some of the most basic life-saving equipment we take for granted at home.

Our close relationships with staff in local departments give us an understanding of what each department lacks. This helps us build up a picture of how we can help fill equipment gaps where we can.

We want to understand each department's needs so we can make sure our donations are helping as many people as possible.

"When Work the World students come it’s easy to identify equipment gaps that we have. When we see these gaps, Work the World helps fill them for us.” - Dr. Meshak Shimwela, Hospital Director — Tanzania


SUPPORTING OUR PARTNERS PAGE - inline imageWe're proud to say that our most recent partner hospital donation total was over half a million dollars. We achieved this by putting aside a fixed amount to each of our partner hospitals for every student they hosted.

We also make sure to recognise individual staff for both their dedication to patients and enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing with students.

You'll meet some of these supervising staff on your own placement and see for yourself just how crucial they are to their departments.

As our organization grows, we strike up new partnerships in developing countries around the world. This means we can direct even more money and equipment to places where they'll make a genuine impact


Whether you're only in the early stages of considering an elective abroad or you have a few (or many) questions - get in touch using the enquiry form. One of our Internships Consultants will then arrange a quick call with you to find out your aims and objectives at a time that is convenient.